Japanese Sex Toys

You can now buy Japanese sex toys online, from Candy Girl Love Dolls to Tenga Cups and Blowjob Machines.

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Hunter Girl Second Onahole

Hunter Girl Masturbator ($23)


If you like the idea of Japanese virgin busting, this realistic male masturbator will definately please. Inspired by the famous ‘Hunter Girl’ series of video games, this toy allows you to slide your penis into the tight hole of the main character. Deliciously raspberry colored, the inner sleeve is both tight and accomodating, and has numerous ridges that grip and stimulate your penis as you slide in and out.

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Erie Light Love Doll

Erie Light Love Doll ($1700)


One of the most beautiful and charming Japanese love dolls we’ve seen, and what’s more, this sells at an incredibly cheap $1,700!

Select the color of her eyes, and enjoy a supremely realistic love doll that has 16 moveable joints.

4ft 4″ in height, with sublime double latex skin for a real and authentic feel.


Geisha Love Skin Masturbator

doki-dokiDoki Doki Geisha Masturbator ($26)

This exquisate Japanese masturbator, representing the sweet pussy of a professional Japanese Geisha girl, is now available to buy in the USA and worldwide.  Made from soft and realistic ‘Soft Love Skin’, the inner tunnel of this masturbator is as thrillingly ribbed and nuanced as you would expect from a Japanese sex toy.

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Japanese Pussy Aroma

The authentic scent of Japanese ladies – matches the real pussy smell of young Japanese office workers. Add to your Japanese masturbator or sex doll, or even your pillow. Let the sweet aroma of Japanese pussy enter your nostrils every time you breathe!

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Anime Style Japanese Wigs

Another kind of sex toy/sex life accessory that you could only possibly buy from Japan. These anime ‘usahane air’ doll wigs will give a cute bob style look to either any kind of sex doll or even your lover!

Ushane Air Doll Wigs Short ($45)


There are five colors to choose from amongst these beautiful anime Japanese wigs : Brown, Blond, Black, Pink, or Blue


Bag of Japanese Girl’s Used Panties & Bras

used-panty-bagWe’ve all dreamt of stumbling upon a sexy girl’s used laundry bag full of soiled panties, thongs and even bras.  Imagine the fun!! Sucking the sexy cum out of the gusset of a used thong, whilst sniffing the sweet aroma of the same girl’s well worn panty, and, of course, masturbating and shooting your load into another of her soiled underwear.

And how much more erotic fun if the used panty collection was that of a sexy Japanese girl!!!

Well now you can stop searching because we have a bag of used Japanese girls panties and bras for you to own and abuse!! Direct from Japan, these panties need a good sniffing and licking!!

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Japanese Virgin Masturbator

Now you can enjoy the feeling of being inside a real Japanese teen virgin with this incredibly realistic premium masturbator.  Her soft and yielding life-like skin will have you holding and caressing her as you pound and then cum inside her sweet teenage snatch.

yotsumeya shojo virgin onahole

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Eririka Katagiri Internet Idol Love Juice Lotion

Eririka Katagiri Internet Idol Love Juice Lotion ($20)

eririka katagiri japan idol love juice lube

Those crazy Japanese sex scientists have only gone and done it!  They’ve managed to reverse engineer the actual love juice of internet sensation Eririka Katagiri and bottle it inside an onahole male masturbator!!  Be one of the first people outside of Japan to get your hands on this…and feel your dick being splashed with the love juice of one of the most beautiful girls in the world!!


Avstar VIP Reika

vip reikaAvstar VIP Reika ($86)

A sophisticated pocket pussy toy from Japan, expertly modelled on AV star ‘Reika’, that has a hidden extra – it comes with its own heating rod for ultimate realism.

The rod will heat up your new artificial vagina toy  to perfection within minutes.  The vagina also contains a vibrating bullet to enhance your experience even more.

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Japanese Cock Rings

Bokkin Boyz Cock Rings ($26)

bokkin boyz

You haven’t worn a cock ring until you’ve tried a Japanese cock ring.  As you’d expect, these cock rings are a little different from the cheap and unimaginative rings that you commonly find in the USA and Europe.  The cock rings are easy to put on and look very stylish – guaranteed to give you a firmer erection – especially at the penis head.