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Japanese Blow-up Sex Doll Girlfriend Kanako

Japanese Kanako Doll – $41

The Japanese not only make the most realistic luxury silicone sex dolls, they also produce the best blow-up dolls too. Invite your very own beautiful Japanese teen girlfriend into your home as sweet Kanako becomes your very own partner to own for just $41. Easily stored away, she is ready to be inflated within seconds when you need a kiss, a cuddle, or a tight young Japanese pussy to fuck as hard as you can. The perfect female companion – you will never be lonely again!

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Shinsei Namagoshi Ultimate Hips Onahole

shinsei-ultimate-hipsUltimate Hips Onahole ($320)
Perfect and ultra-realistic slender hips of a Japanese girl. You can lay this life-size onahole down and fuck her missionary or penetrate either of her sweet holes from behind and feel your balls slapping against her sweet young cheeks. Each hole is intricately patterned, with the ass naturally tighter even than her snug vagina.

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Miracle Angel Body Aya

miracle-angelMiracle Angel Body $502

This life-size body sex doll is aptly named.  It’s miracle dimensions are found on maybe 1 in a million real girls.  yet you can own her for life for just $502.

Her amazingly realistic breasts are so big and yet so soft and squeezable.  A tapered waist that begs you to put your arms around it leads to wide fullsome hips that are invite you in with sweet puckered pussy lips.

Both anal and vaginal holes are tight like a real Japanese girl should be.

This incredible toy is another leap forward in realistic Japanese sex toys.

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Erie Light Love Doll

Erie Light Love Doll ($1700)


One of the most beautiful and charming Japanese love dolls we’ve seen, and what’s more, this sells at an incredibly cheap $1,700!

Select the color of her eyes, and enjoy a supremely realistic love doll that has 16 moveable joints.

4ft 4″ in height, with sublime double latex skin for a real and authentic feel.

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Anime Style Japanese Wigs

Another kind of sex toy/sex life accessory that you could only possibly buy from Japan. These anime ‘usahane air’ doll wigs will give a cute bob style look to either any kind of sex doll or even your lover!

Ushane Air Doll Wigs Short ($45)


There are five colors to choose from amongst these beautiful anime Japanese wigs : Brown, Blond, Black, Pink, or Blue

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Japanese Virgin Masturbator

Now you can enjoy the feeling of being inside a real Japanese teen virgin with this incredibly realistic premium masturbator.  Her soft and yielding life-like skin will have you holding and caressing her as you pound and then cum inside her sweet teenage snatch.

yotsumeya shojo virgin onahole

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Meiki Korin Japanese Onahole

The perfect Onahole for those seeking an experience as close to the real thing as possible.  And let’s be honest – you’re a very lucky guy if you are fucking an ass in real life as beautiful as the Miki Korin Onahole!

Miki Korin Onahole ($309)

meiki korin

This Onahole ass is realistically sized and has two seperate holes, each with a realistically ribbed canal that re-creates the pussy and anus respectively.  One of the most popular higher end Japanese sex toys.

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Sexy Twins Perfect Body Yukkina

Sexy Twins Perfect Body Yukkina ($171)

sexy twins perfect body
With the Sexy Twins Yukkina, you too can afford to have your own perfect bodied Japanese sex doll – including realistic vaginal and anal entry. 

With a complex array of nubs and ridges, the double holes feature the kind of expert stimulation that you would expect from a realistic Japanese doll, but because it only features the body (including legs) this amazing Japanese sex toy only costs $171.

sexy twin japanese double hole yukkina