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Shinsei Namagoshi Ultimate Hips Onahole

shinsei-ultimate-hipsUltimate Hips Onahole ($320)
Perfect and ultra-realistic slender hips of a Japanese girl. You can lay this life-size onahole down and fuck her missionary or penetrate either of her sweet holes from behind and feel your balls slapping against her sweet young cheeks. Each hole is intricately patterned, with the ass naturally tighter even than her snug vagina.

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Erotic Ane Big Sister Breasts Onahole

Big Sister Breasts and Onahole ($68)


Play out your big sister fantasies with this incredibly realistic masturbator from Japan that features both squeezable plump breasts and a tight ribbed onahole.

The size of this toy is 200 x 150 x 90mm.

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Hunter Girl Second Onahole

Hunter Girl Masturbator ($23)


If you like the idea of Japanese virgin busting, this realistic male masturbator will definately please. Inspired by the famous ‘Hunter Girl’ series of video games, this toy allows you to slide your penis into the tight hole of the main character. Deliciously raspberry colored, the inner sleeve is both tight and accomodating, and has numerous ridges that grip and stimulate your penis as you slide in and out.

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Japanese Virgin Masturbator

Now you can enjoy the feeling of being inside a real Japanese teen virgin with this incredibly realistic premium masturbator.  Her soft and yielding life-like skin will have you holding and caressing her as you pound and then cum inside her sweet teenage snatch.

yotsumeya shojo virgin onahole

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Eririka Katagiri Internet Idol Love Juice Lotion

Eririka Katagiri Internet Idol Love Juice Lotion ($20)

eririka katagiri japan idol love juice lube

Those crazy Japanese sex scientists have only gone and done it!  They’ve managed to reverse engineer the actual love juice of internet sensation Eririka Katagiri and bottle it inside an onahole male masturbator!!  Be one of the first people outside of Japan to get your hands on this…and feel your dick being splashed with the love juice of one of the most beautiful girls in the world!!

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Meiki Korin Japanese Onahole

The perfect Onahole for those seeking an experience as close to the real thing as possible.  And let’s be honest – you’re a very lucky guy if you are fucking an ass in real life as beautiful as the Miki Korin Onahole!

Miki Korin Onahole ($309)

meiki korin

This Onahole ass is realistically sized and has two seperate holes, each with a realistically ribbed canal that re-creates the pussy and anus respectively.  One of the most popular higher end Japanese sex toys.

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Gucho Monster G Meiko Masturbator

The is the latest in a range of unique styled male masturbators from Japan – featuring a spiraled inner sleeve with countless twists and turns amongst its many textured layer.  This Gucho (messy) masturbator is as pert and tight as the previous versions, but has been made that little bit better by being slightly more stretchy and pliant.  Click the image for more info and pricing.

meiki masturbator

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Meiki’s Honor – Luxury Japanese Onahole

Meiki’s Honour Luxury Japanese Onahole – $139

Meikis Honor Onahole
Meikis Honor Onahole

With the just released Meiki’s Honor Onahole, Japanese sex toys seem to have attained a new level of realism.  The most detailed and realistic vaginal and anal interiors of any sex toy in the world – pound away at either of these two holes and you will virtually be having real sex with a Japanese AV star.  This is a luxury silicone onahole priced at only $139.

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Tenga Onacups

Tenga Onahole Lipservice
Tenga Onahole Lipservice


Tenga Onacups are the ultimate in disposable male sex toys.  Disposable but high quality toys designed for the buisnessman or traveller on the go.  A soft and supple interior will bring you to a delicious climax – what are you waiting for?

Click to view the Tenga Lip Service 8.0


Nao Yoshizaki Realistic Pussy Onahole

Most western men have dreamt of having sex with a world-famous AV star like the beautiful Nao Yoshizaki…well now you can discover the sweet sensation of having your penis slowly slide in and out of her tight pussy.  But wait, those horny Japanese sex toy makers didn’t stop there.  They also crafted another onahole modelled on Nao’s sweet little anus.  So you can fuck this girl in her pussy or ass.

Click to view the Nao Yoshizaki onahole sex toy
Click to view the Nao Yoshizaki onahole sex toy