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Japanese Virgin Masturbator

Now you can enjoy the feeling of being inside a real Japanese teen virgin with this incredibly realistic premium masturbator.  Her soft and yielding life-like skin will have you holding and caressing her as you pound and then cum inside her sweet teenage snatch.

yotsumeya shojo virgin onahole

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Eririka Katagiri Internet Idol Love Juice Lotion

Eririka Katagiri Internet Idol Love Juice Lotion ($20)

eririka katagiri japan idol love juice lube

Those crazy Japanese sex scientists have only gone and done it!  They’ve managed to reverse engineer the actual love juice of internet sensation Eririka Katagiri and bottle it inside an onahole male masturbator!!  Be one of the first people outside of Japan to get your hands on this…and feel your dick being splashed with the love juice of one of the most beautiful girls in the world!!


Avstar VIP Reika

vip reikaAvstar VIP Reika ($86)

A sophisticated pocket pussy toy from Japan, expertly modelled on AV star ‘Reika’, that has a hidden extra – it comes with its own heating rod for ultimate realism.

The rod will heat up your new artificial vagina toy  to perfection within minutes.  The vagina also contains a vibrating bullet to enhance your experience even more.

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Japanese Cock Rings

Bokkin Boyz Cock Rings ($26)

bokkin boyz

You haven’t worn a cock ring until you’ve tried a Japanese cock ring.  As you’d expect, these cock rings are a little different from the cheap and unimaginative rings that you commonly find in the USA and Europe.  The cock rings are easy to put on and look very stylish – guaranteed to give you a firmer erection – especially at the penis head.


Japanese Hand Masturbation Glove

Te Kunishan Masturbation Glove ($31)

kunishan glove

Japanese hand masturbation glove that looks and feels like an inside out male masturbator.  Provides a unique and delicious masturbation experience – close your eyes and it feels like a woman is giving you a handjob.  Cleverly designed with the long nodules spread and patterned in different ways on all parts of the glove, allowing for endless variety of sensations.


Buy Japanese School Uniforms

Every man with functioning balls has probably dreamt about Japanese schoolgirls at least once, but let’s get real – you’ll never have one, and even if you did, you’d likely go to jail.  So what’s the solution.  Dress up your favourite lover (or sex doll) in an authentic Japanese school girl uniform and let your dreams become a reality!

japanese uniform

These Japanese school uniforms 100% replicate the real thing down to the scarf and oh so sexy skirt.  Buy direct from Japan for 100% Japanese schoolgirl authenticity!


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Meiki Korin Japanese Onahole

The perfect Onahole for those seeking an experience as close to the real thing as possible.  And let’s be honest – you’re a very lucky guy if you are fucking an ass in real life as beautiful as the Miki Korin Onahole!

Miki Korin Onahole ($309)

meiki korin

This Onahole ass is realistically sized and has two seperate holes, each with a realistically ribbed canal that re-creates the pussy and anus respectively.  One of the most popular higher end Japanese sex toys.


Toy Cup Z-Pang Japanese Masturbator

Toy CupToy Cup Z-Pang Masturbator ($25)

Japanese sex toy manufacturers Galaku have produced a high quality sophisticated new masturbator that costs just $25.

This sex toy is unique and exciting in a number of ways.  It is the first masturbator to employ an air cushion mechanism largely through its design alone, rather than through spongy materials.  This results in a clinging sensation that is quite unlike anything found in any other sex toy.  The air pressure can also be adjusted by turning the toy’s cap.  Another unique feature is a lube resovoir at the top of the toy which ensures that the point of entry is constantly wet.

An exciting new Japanese sex toy that is remarkably cheap!

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Gucho Monster G Meiko Masturbator

The is the latest in a range of unique styled male masturbators from Japan – featuring a spiraled inner sleeve with countless twists and turns amongst its many textured layer.  This Gucho (messy) masturbator is as pert and tight as the previous versions, but has been made that little bit better by being slightly more stretchy and pliant.  Click the image for more info and pricing.

meiki masturbator


Tenga Flip Lite 2G

The Tenga Flip Lite was one of the most popular new male sex toys last year.  Now Tenga have released a new and improved version.  The Tenga Flip Lite 2G is even lighter than the original and has also had some of its inner sleeve altered for even greater sensations.  In particular, the ribbing around the entrance area has been modified for easier insertion.


The new versions of the Tenga Flip Lite again come in two different editions – black and white.  The black version gives a tighter masturbation, so the white Flip Lite is probably better for first time users.

The Tenga Flip Lite 2G costs just $63 ordered direct from Japan!