Tenga Flip Lite 2G

The Tenga Flip Lite was one of the most popular new male sex toys last year.  Now Tenga have released a new and improved version.  The Tenga Flip Lite 2G is even lighter than the original and has also had some of its inner sleeve altered for even greater sensations.  In particular, the ribbing around the entrance area has been modified for easier insertion.


The new versions of the Tenga Flip Lite again come in two different editions – black and white.  The black version gives a tighter masturbation, so the white Flip Lite is probably better for first time users.

The Tenga Flip Lite 2G costs just $63 ordered direct from Japan!


Tenga 3D Reversible Masturbator

Tenga 3D

Tenga have done it again and launched a revolutionary new kind of male masturbator –  complex ribbed Male strokers that have completely reversible sleeves.

Although cheap reversible masturbation sleeves have appeared on the market before, what makes Tenga 3D so special is that each side impacts on the sensation you feel while rubbing on the other (hence the title 3D).

There are already FIVE different Tenga 3D reversible sleeves to choose from – something for everyone’s taste.  This hot new toy costs $109, but Kanojo are currently selling them for just $39 each.  Click the image above to find out more about the Tenga 3D Reversible Masturbators.

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Anime SakuraS Tight Masturbator

Anime SakuraAnime SakuraS Tight Masturbator ($15)

A super Japanese ribbed masturbator that is as tight and delicious as the vagina of an anime dream girl should be.

This masturbator may be tight, but it’s stretchy, as well as extra long for a Japanese sex toy – measuring 6″ in length.


Like A Virgin Japanese Onahole

Like A Virgin Onahole ($53)

like a virgin onahole

Nothing compares to the tight pussy of an 18 year old Japanese virgin schoolgirl.  Few western men have ever experienced the unique pleasures of fucking such beautiful, angelic teens, but here, now, is your opportunity at last.  And you don’t even have to leave your home to enjoy it!  The like a virgin Onahole has thick pink walls that surround a tight and yet yielding love canal covered with hundreds of deliciously stimulating bumps and ridges. A highly rated Japanese masturbator at a very reasonable price.


Japanese Nurse’s Used Panties

Sexy Japanese nurses know exactly how to cure your blues – a few good sniffs of these girl’s delightful used panties and stockings should put a smile on your face, as well as increasing blood pressure to your penis.  What you get in this package is a white pantyhose and thong set that has the smell and taste of being worn by your dream sexy Japanese nurse.  Discreetly packaged and shipped direct from Japan, now you too can experience the delights of used Japanese panty sniffing!

Used Panties Nurse

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Sexy Twins Perfect Body Yukkina

Sexy Twins Perfect Body Yukkina ($171)

sexy twins perfect body
With the Sexy Twins Yukkina, you too can afford to have your own perfect bodied Japanese sex doll – including realistic vaginal and anal entry. 

With a complex array of nubs and ridges, the double holes feature the kind of expert stimulation that you would expect from a realistic Japanese doll, but because it only features the body (including legs) this amazing Japanese sex toy only costs $171.

sexy twin japanese double hole yukkina


Japanese Breast Pillows

Japanese Breast Pillows – $77

Japanese Breast Pillows
Japanese Breast Pillows

 With a Japanese Breast Pillow every man can go to sleep at night in a large, yet yielding bosum. The Oppai Pillow is made from soft memory foam, making it the most comfortable as well as most comforting pillow you will ever have.  And of course you can not only sleep with this cushion, but simply rest your head between its curvaceous breasts.  You can even sit on it too!

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Anime Pillow Covers

Anime Pillow Covers
Anime Pillow Covers


What can be better than taking the beautiful world of anime sweethearts to bed with you?  Who knows what sexy dreams you will have when you rest your head on these scantily clad sweet girl pillow cases?

Each anime pillow cover has a different design on each side.  The same girl, but in a different pose and revealing a little more of her sweet body.  You can order three different beautiful anime girls from Kanjo Toys : Chisato, Shion, and Misora

Click to view these adorable Japanese anime pillow covers

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Tenga Flip Hole Black

The Tenga Flip Hole Black Edition – $87

Well, the Tenga Flip Hole Black edition is here, and by all accounts, it looks like Tenga have pulled off the impossible and actually improved upon their world famous sex toy for men.

Tenga Flip Hole Black
Tenga Flip Hole Black

The original Tenga Flip Hole quickly became not only the most famous sex toy in Japan, but also the best selling male sex toy in the world excluding the Flesh Light.  In fact, why do  you think that the recent Flesh Light Vibro was introduced?  The Tenga Flip Hole is a potential FleshLight killer!

This Tenga Flip Hole looks even more stylish and discreet than it’s famous predecessor.  But the changes aren’t just cosmetic.  Inside is an even tighter and more sensual design to give your penis an even better sexual experience that was already better than the real thing.

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Japanese Sex Toys for Women

When people think of Japanese sex toys, most probably think of Tenga Cups, the beautiful CandyGirl love dolls, or one of the amazing Japanese sex machines for men.  But Japanese women have sexual needs too…and they don’t always involve copious amounts of cum from multiple males being deposited upon their faces.  The Japanese have invented a range of vibrators and other sex toys to satisfy their women that display just the same beauty and ingenuity as do their sex toys for men.

Truth: Cure L ergonomic vibrator
Truth: Cure L ergonomic vibrator

Click to view more Japanese vibrators and other Japanese sex toys for women.