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Geisha Love Skin Masturbator

doki-dokiDoki Doki Geisha Masturbator ($26)

This exquisate Japanese masturbator, representing the sweet pussy of a professional Japanese Geisha girl, is now available to buy in the USA and worldwide.  Made from soft and realistic ‘Soft Love Skin’, the inner tunnel of this masturbator is as thrillingly ribbed and nuanced as you would expect from a Japanese sex toy.

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Japanese Virgin Masturbator

Now you can enjoy the feeling of being inside a real Japanese teen virgin with this incredibly realistic premium masturbator.  Her soft and yielding life-like skin will have you holding and caressing her as you pound and then cum inside her sweet teenage snatch.

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Avstar VIP Reika

vip reikaAvstar VIP Reika ($86)

A sophisticated pocket pussy toy from Japan, expertly modelled on AV star ‘Reika’, that has a hidden extra – it comes with its own heating rod for ultimate realism.

The rod will heat up your new artificial vagina toy  to perfection within minutes.  The vagina also contains a vibrating bullet to enhance your experience even more.


Toy Cup Z-Pang Japanese Masturbator

Toy CupToy Cup Z-Pang Masturbator ($25)

Japanese sex toy manufacturers Galaku have produced a high quality sophisticated new masturbator that costs just $25.

This sex toy is unique and exciting in a number of ways.  It is the first masturbator to employ an air cushion mechanism largely through its design alone, rather than through spongy materials.  This results in a clinging sensation that is quite unlike anything found in any other sex toy.  The air pressure can also be adjusted by turning the toy’s cap.  Another unique feature is a lube resovoir at the top of the toy which ensures that the point of entry is constantly wet.

An exciting new Japanese sex toy that is remarkably cheap!

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Anime SakuraS Tight Masturbator

Anime SakuraAnime SakuraS Tight Masturbator ($15)

A super Japanese ribbed masturbator that is as tight and delicious as the vagina of an anime dream girl should be.

This masturbator may be tight, but it’s stretchy, as well as extra long for a Japanese sex toy – measuring 6″ in length.