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Shinsei Namagoshi Ultimate Hips Onahole

shinsei-ultimate-hipsUltimate Hips Onahole ($320)
Perfect and ultra-realistic slender hips of a Japanese girl. You can lay this life-size onahole down and fuck her missionary or penetrate either of her sweet holes from behind and feel your balls slapping against her sweet young cheeks. Each hole is intricately patterned, with the ass naturally tighter even than her snug vagina.

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Meiki’s Honor – Luxury Japanese Onahole

Meiki’s Honour Luxury Japanese Onahole – $139

Meikis Honor Onahole
Meikis Honor Onahole

With the just released Meiki’s Honor Onahole, Japanese sex toys seem to have attained a new level of realism.  The most detailed and realistic vaginal and anal interiors of any sex toy in the world – pound away at either of these two holes and you will virtually be having real sex with a Japanese AV star.  This is a luxury silicone onahole priced at only $139.