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Japanese Sex Toys for Women

When people think of Japanese sex toys, most probably think of Tenga Cups, the beautiful CandyGirl love dolls, or one of the amazing Japanese sex machines for men.  But Japanese women have sexual needs too…and they don’t always involve copious amounts of cum from multiple males being deposited upon their faces.  The Japanese have invented a range of vibrators and other sex toys to satisfy their women that display just the same beauty and ingenuity as do their sex toys for men.

Truth: Cure L ergonomic vibrator
Truth: Cure L ergonomic vibrator

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Puchi SOM Compact Sex Machine

Puchi SOM Compact Sex/Blowjob Machine


The Puchi SOM is a Japanese sex machine that performs felatio on you whenever you want it to.  It has been designed with compactness and ease of fit in mind.  The delicious thrusting action comes in two different speeds.

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Tenga Onacups

Tenga Onahole Lipservice
Tenga Onahole Lipservice


Tenga Onacups are the ultimate in disposable male sex toys.  Disposable but high quality toys designed for the buisnessman or traveller on the go.  A soft and supple interior will bring you to a delicious climax – what are you waiting for?

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Japanese Tenga Cups

Japanese Tenga Cups are portable, easy to clean, masturbation toys for men – just slip your dick into one of these and the realistic feel of the cup and its specially designed vaccum sucking effect will deliver the ultimate easy masturbation.

Tenga cups come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, colours, textures and inner and outer designs.  They have also spawned many accessories, such as heaters so you can warm your tenga cup up before you masturbate with it.

The best value is to be had in ordering ‘Tenga Packs’ that include everything you need to make full use of these amazing masturbation toys. Click the banner below to view the Tenga Super Pack.

Tenga Cup Super Pack
Tenga Cup Super Pack

Japanese Sex Toys

You can now buy Japanese sex toys online, from Candy Girl Love Dolls to Tenga Cups and Blowjob Machines.

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